Dashboard shows 403 error

If a user-group only has the rights:

  • base.framework.type.view
  • base.framework.category.view
  • base.framework.object.view
  • base.system.view

a user of this group will receive a 403 Error after logging in which seems to be caused by the dashboard.

Hello, J. Limmer, you’re right. Your current setting leads to the error message you described.

Please enter the following required rights to use the frontend:

  • base.framework.object.view
  • base.framework.type.view
  • base.framework.category.view
  • base.framework.log.view
  • base.user-management.user.view
  • base.user-management.group.view

more …

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@sergej.dumler thanks for this. Problem is fixed.

Hi @J.Limmer

welcome to our community and thanks for your report. I saw your problem is fixed for the moment, I also added a new task to our backlog to increase the usability of the WebUI for setting user rights:

  • [NET-363] Increase usability for setting user rights

Maybe we get some improvements in version 1.2.0 for this.