CSV import fails with "cannot connect"

Using the “Import Objects” option -

After an initial partial success at importing a CSV (stopped due to column head mismatches), every subsequent attempt fails.

I can manually connect again, but then I have to re-set up the import and it then again fails to connect.

I am not using HTTPS. This is a test set up for a later production deployment if it works. So keeping it simple. The “try to connect” window shows and port 4000 - I have to place the IP address and change the port to 80. Can this become the default somehow?

The docker logs gave me the clue. My file has non UTF-8 characters in it.

This was not a connection problem at all!

Hi @chakaal ,

and welcome to our community! Yes, this connection error page is a bit confusing. It will also pop up, if the backend throws an HTTP/500 error. We’ll have that in mind and plan to change our error handling in the future.

Did you get the CSV import working? Please let us know, if you have any further questions.

Yes, the import worked, once I solved the encoding.

It is confusing, because when I would attempt to make the connection by modifying the parameters I would get a connection for a few seconds, and then it would go red again. It wasn’t clear at that point that the transaction had continued automatically since it failed so quickly.