Create/Edit category -> subcategory

i noticed some inconvenience
when i create few subcategories for categroy “test” on the left side i see these subcategories but are not in they are not sorted alphabetically or as I would like, but they are in the order in which I created them from the end, i.e. :

  1. c
  2. e
  3. a
  4. b
  5. d

i can’t change these sequence from any place.
I think it could be exist in category -> child category / subcategory and where i could change it position with use mouse.
There is already something in the program in the types part when I create type fields / edit type fields and I can move them as I want and in my own order. that would be great because now I can’t change their order unless I delete the subcategories and create them again in good order or edit their names in order. Which is also not very comfortable.

A minor matter
i have some category. It is “test” and type “testowy”. When i edit this category i see someting like this:

Can you tell me what is the “search type” box on the left side is for? I can’t nothing find.

I can only add attribution to category from type.

Hi @marcinw,

thanks for reporting this. Currently, the categories in the menu are sorted by ID (which is not very nice, I see), the types within the categories are sorted alphabetically. The “search type” box will filter object types that are shown in the menu (e.g. a filter for “net”, will show all types that includes the string “net” in the label).

I think, we should do some work for the object menu, to improve the usability for a near future release of DATAGERRY. Below, I collected some issues for that, but feel free, to add some further ideas to this thread.

  • [NET-390] Make subcategories in menu more visible
  • [NET-401] Make categories in object type menu sortable

from my side:
I think that like i wrote earlier in this this topic
Category i would like to see every subcategories assigned to this category and as in edit type i could move these subcategories.
Look at this screens:

I would like to that similiar.
Imagine that:
Structure is a Subcategories
“test” fields are subcategories
and then you could change their position at your own discretion

You don’t need image
but only:
image for move this subcategory
and image for remove/move subcategory and then this subcategory exists like a category.

What do You think @mbatz?

Hi @marcinw,

good news for that topic. We finished [NET-401] to make categories and types within categories sortable. This feature will be released in 1.3.0 (at 21st August 2020).

Hi @mbatz,
This is good news :slight_smile: thanks. i’m waiting for new version

Hello @mbatz,
datagerry v 1.3.0
Today i tried testing sorting categories but i can’t save my changes.
When i clicking button UPDATE nothing happend.

Hi @mbatz,
I know exactly when the problem is.
I can’t move subcategory between subcategory.
when i click update nothing happend.

but if:

When i move category between category from top of the tree

when click button UPDATE i don’t see any message any pop-up about changes (move categories) but it works.

Hello @marcinw ,

thanks for the hint.
We already have this on our agenda.

Hi @sergej.dumler
no problem

Hi @marcinw,

please have a look at our 1.3.1 release, which includes a fix for that issue.

Today i cheked and still I can’t move subcategories among themselves

go to categories
-> click button edit image
->move subcategories among themselves
-> click update image

Nothing happens after collapsing the “Testing” category. When i again expand in menu category “Testing” i see still what was before. Nothing changed.

Hi @marcinw,

oh I see, thanks for your feedback. We track that issue in [NET-531]. I’ll get back to you, when this is fixed.

Hi @marcinw,

this issue should be fixed with version 1.3.2.

I checked new version and now is working

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