Copy objects - underdeveloped

If you copy some object, every fields which you have text, select, checkbox it is copy but fields reference don’t copied.
I think that if you copy object, every fields should be copied also the reference value should be copied the same like in copied object from the copied object and moved / set to a new object, because this is how copying should works.

Hi @marcinw,

today I made some tests to reproduce this behavior. The error only occurs in the 1.1.x versions. In the code for the upcoming 1.2.x release, we cannot reproduce this behavior. So this will be fixed with the 1.2.0 release at 29th May 2020.

Hi @mbatz,
Ok this is good news

I discover that when are You copy
a object with reference is work badly bad not that i think
When i copy a object with reference fields from object:

i saw next:

and then fill in the fields

next save
and see object like that with field which I see a completed field that I have not completed
Backup company:

Hi @marcinw,

can you check, if this problem still occurs in the current version? I cannot reproduce such a behavior in version 1.2.1.

No problem i will try reproduce in current version and I will answer you as soon as I check it

Hi @mbatz,
I checked and in this version is work good coppy object

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