Bug with use reference twice in one object

I found next bug, i think this is quite a big problem, viz:
In one of type i create two pools which are references to the same type:

because i need it to dataguard in oracle
and next i create some object which has primary cluster of oracle and standby cluster of oracle.
From this object i see two cluster like i want.

In this moment i have problem, because:
if i go to link for first cluster “Primary” i see in tab “Referenced by” at the down of the page i object type Dataguard which I created a moment ago

but if i go to link for cluster on second position “Standby” i don’t see anything

Please fix this bug.
allow one object to create several references to one of the same objects. This is often very necessary

if i change reference one references to other type of object then you can see the references correctly again, but that’s not the point.

Hi @marcinw,

we will have a look at that issue the next days. I’ll give you an update, if I have any news.

Hey @mbatz
Ok, so i will wait

Hi @marcinw,

got some good news for you. A few minutes ago, we fixed that issue. The fix will be included in the 1.1.3 release, which we’ll plan for next week. If you don’t want to wait, just use the version-1.1 branch (https://files.datagerry.com/branches/version-1.1/), which will include all unreleased bugfixes since 1.1.2. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Hi @mbatz
thank You for fast fix :slight_smile: i wait for 1.1.3 version and check it. I will inform you in this case how it works.

Hi @mbatz
I checked just now and it works perfectly

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