Bug with search on pages

I found next bug similar to Bug with pages/show entries quantities on page and

when I am in the list of objects and e.g. I will go to page 10 for example and I would like to search for an object using image
and I know that it is in these objects, and is on the page, for example 8. I will not find it through
However, if I want to find an object that is on the following pages after the 10th, then I will find it
This “Quick Search” only works to forward not to back

Input data:
i will be search this position
image - this object is only first page

Now i go to 2 page
and i use “Quick Search” image
i write “pila
and i get any result

But if i will be on 1 page again image
and write “pila” on “Quick Search” i get result:

Next case:
Input data the same like first case but i want to search
image - which this object is on 2 page
I go to 2 page and wrote “Jersey” in “Quick Search”
Result is empty

Now i have to remove word from “Quick Search” move to 1 page and now if i will search from 1 page i get result like under:

Please check it

Hey @marcinw Similar to this, the page was not reset. Is also solved with the fix in version 1.5.0.

Thank You @anon3483405 for information.