Bug with pages/show entries quantities on page and

Like i wrote on title i found a bug tied with pages/show entries quantities on page. I show You, i think this will be faster and better.
Example i have 49 objects in one type image
First i set image so i have 2 pages image.
Next i go to second page image .
Now i set new value entries quantities on page 50 image
and i do not see any object

and any pages.

This was happen because i was on second page when i set 50 entries.
New set do not move to first page or something to show every objects type.
If i again set 25 entries on page i see again good and i will be on second page.

If i will be on first page objects type set entries work good.

Please check it

Hey @marcinw
Yes, we have already found this error. When changing list items, the page was not reset to the beginning. In the current development version we have already solved the problem. The fix should be published with version 1.5.0 on 05 Feb. 2021.

Hi @anon3483405
Thank You for information.