Bug when edit/bulk change object

I have bug when i edit object and its reference field:
i open this filed and choose one referencje object.
next i clcked save and nothing happend.
Field is still empty

The same is when i use bulk change:
i marked appropriate field and supplemented with the right value (from reference field) and when i clicked "Next step i see what is old values and new like this:

My old field was empty and new value which i changed to some public id i don’t see and nothing happend. My changes don’t work

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I copy those objects from screen one by one and then i could change value in that field and save that…
So i solve that problem (but it was a workaround.
Maybe this problem was linked with Saving entries in edited types sometimes fail

Hi @marcinw,

thanks for reporting this. We found an issue in the bulk change preview. The preview of date and object-ref fields were not correct. We fixed that issue in [NET-430] and the fix will be available in the 1.2.3 bugfix release.

Hi @mbatz,
I check in version 1.2.3 and for after first checking i think that now bulk changes work good and shows good