ACL in type limit for field

i check limit ACL for some field in one type to one group and it is not working in my case.

so only administrator have access to this field
next i logged with user which is group User:

Group users have rights:

and i can saw:

i can edit this field and save:

Hi @marcinw

You have found a very old configuration on field level. This was originally implemented in the pre-release, before version 1.0.0. However, the configuration was never used. We have left it in for compatibility. This field level ACL was originally supposed to come with the Type ACL in version 1.6. But we forgot to hide the access fields again.
The object ACLs currently are validated only on the whole object level but not on individual fields.

Hi @anon3483405
Thanks for information, i understood, and i hope in 1.6 it will be developed and work because i think in my cases i will use often that limit field for group than for whole type of object :slight_smile: